lundi 24 juin 2013

3D // Ferrari 246 Dino

One more project of car modeling. This time, I tried to improve my modeling skills with a legendary car of the 70's, the Ferrari 246 Dino.
I will try to make the final renders with HDRI integrations.

First studio renders:

And the first test of HDRI integration. Now I have to find a driver ;)

News from my // 3D // world

Even if I "disappeared" for 2 years, because of my work and for many other reasons, I'm back with some new 3d projects : - Challenge Archi 2 - Jan'13

My first award for a 3D contest. Based on a 3D model created by Hleandre, I tried to create a warm interior with a high contrast with the winter exterior and reached the 3rd place of the contest. Modeled in 3dsMax, rendered with Vray, post-production with Photoshop. - Challenge Archi 3 - Apr'13

This is the picture I submitted for the third edition of the Challenge Archi from Once more, the mesh base was modeled by Hleandre. Modeled in 3dsMax, rendered with Vray, post-production with Photoshop.

jeudi 24 mars 2011

Design // Becker Contest

This project was realized for the 2011 Becker Contest. The German Becker Company, specialized in moulded wood, launched an international competition for the development of innovative projects based on this material.

My project was the creation of a moulded wood frame for bike:

"The Wood Bike is a molded wood frame bike, for urban context. The choice of this material to make a frame bike allows a very light and flexible piece. The thickness of the shape (4,5 cm) gives an excellent resistance to the structure, but leaves the frame act like a damper. The variation of motion of the saddle is about 3 centimeters which gives a good comfort of use. In the mechanical critical areas, some reinforcement parts have been designed, generally in carbon fibers, to relieve the wood structure and avoid an overload breaking. [...]" 

(extract of the final report)

The final pictures have been realized on 3Ds Max, with Vray render, but a mechanical study was also performed on Solidworks (final picture) to validate the design of the frame parts.

Back to work // 3D // Lola T-70

After months without a moment to show new work on this blog, I'm back to present various project. This one is not really new, he is more an achievement of experimentations on studio renders. I used the model of the Lola to create a realistic studio environment.

lundi 21 juin 2010

Architecture // 3D // Duravit bathroom

Here is an old project of bathroom I realized a year ago. I was inspired by a Duravit bathroom photography, found on the official Duravit website - - page 2 -

I created two Mental Ray renders with time variations: the first one during daylight, the second one with an artificial night illumination.  The result:

dimanche 20 juin 2010

WIP // 3D // Aston Martin One-77

I had a few free hours during this week-end to continue my work on the Aston Martin model. I focused on the rear part of the car so as to obtain the final global shape of the model. There still is some work to finish the modelization details, but I think the most complicated part is done.

lundi 7 juin 2010

Contest // 3DScool // Speed Safo #65 - Candles

Every week, the french website 3Dscool - - plans a Speed Safo contest. The aim is to create a 3D render on a subject decided by the members of the jury. The conditions:

Modeling: 1h
Texturing / Lights / Tests: 1h30
Final render: 1h
Post-production: 1h

The subject of this Speed Safo was "candles".

My participation was rendered with Mental Ray. The dead line is Monday, June 14th, so, if I have time, I will try to create another one.